Do you feel confident with your American accent?

Are you close to mastering it, but you’re still sometimes asked if you’re from somewhere else?

Do you miss out on American roles because there’s something “not quite right” about your accent?

Are you a non-native speaker who doesn’t even know where to begin?

In this one-day intensive you will learn specific tools for mastering the most essential sounds, rhythms, and melodies of “General” American accents, as well as clear and practical guidance for how to move forward and continue to practice on your own.

One-day intensive workshop overview

In this one-day workshop, you will learn:

  • How to warm-up properly to get quicker results
  • The “oral posture” of American English
  • How to master the trickiest vowel and consonant sounds in “General” American
  • The entire vowel system of “General” American
  • The peculiar articulation that is the American ‘r’ sound
  • How stress and rhythm function in “General” American
  • How pitch and inflection function in “General” American

Whether you’re a native or non-native speaker of English, you need to find an American English accent that fits you and your casting like a glove. So we also focus on:

  • How to find your American accent—where to look, what to listen for, and more.
  • How to keep practicing on your own.

What to bring: Bring water, yoga mat, socks, journal.

What to wear: Yoga or workout clothes

What to prepare: The participants will be assigned 10-20 lines of text to prepare. The text will be emailed a couple of weeks in advance of the workshop. To make your experience of the workshop more gratifying and full, please do whatever preparation you do on a piece in order to have it performance ready.


Dates: Summer, 2019 (exact dates TBA)
Saturday: 9pm – 6:00pm

Who It’s For
Actors, public speakers and performance teachers.

Rotterdam or Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Applying for a Space
To apply for a space, use the form on the right. Please include:
1. Your name
2. Workshop dates (if you know them)
3. Your resume, bio, or comparable background information (an imdb or web link is fine).
4. Brief statement about why you’d like to do the workshop
5. How you heard about this work
These workshops are kept small, and they fill up quick.

Costs, Deposit and Refunds
The cost of the Intensive one-day workshop is €65.
If you are accepted into the workshop, a deposit of €30 is required to reserve a space. The balance is due a week before we start. If you cancel a week or more before the workshop begins, you will not be responsible for the balance of the workshop fee, and you may apply your deposit to workshops held within the next 12 months.

*workshop is taught in English.
*Private voice coaching available. Email for more information.

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